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The Power Ball 2.0 is the only toy your cat needs. It's a self-rolling ball that runs away from your cat and tricks it by changing direction. But there's more: Thanks to the Touch Trigger your cat can activate the Power Ball 2.0 itself by poking it. This means you don't even have to be at home for your cat to play with it.

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The Power Ball has built in the newest battery technology that allows it to fully charge in only 30 minutes. One battery cycle lasts for up to 6 hours of pure fun.


The Power Ball works on all floors, including high pile carpets. If you want to let your cat play outside, that's no problem either. The Power Ball also works on grass.


The Power Ball has three different modes. In Smart Mode (RED LIGHT), the Power Ball is fast, avoids obstacles and reacts to touches. In Soft Mode (BLUE LIGHT), the Power Ball is slower so your cat can get used to its new toy. In Sleep Mode (GREEN LIGHT), the Power Ball does not roll, but its sensors are active. As soon as the ball is touched, it wakes up immediately.


All WLOOM products are covered by the Catisfaction Guarantee. That means if your cat is not satisfied with the product, you can cancel the order for 30 days.

  • Obstacle Detection

    The Power Ball 2.0 is equipped with the latest sensor technology, which allows it to detect obstacles and change its direction automatically. This keeps the ball moving and constantly offers your cat new challenges.

  • Touch-Sensitive

    The ball reacts immediately to touches from your cat. When your cat taps the ball, it changes direction and speed to encourage your cat's natural instincts and keep your cat interested in the ball.

  • Smart Mode

    The Power Ball 2.0 features the unique Smart Mode that allows your cat to activate the toy itself. With a simple tap, your cat can turn on the ball so your cat can play even when you're not home.

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You have questions? We have the answers!


Can the Power Ball damage my furniture?

As long as your furniture is not made of cotton candy or clouds, no. :) The Power Ball is covered with a silicon skin that makes it soft.

How do I charge the Power Ball?

The Power Ball has an integrated USB-C port and comes with a USB-C cable. All you have to do is to connect the Power Ball to a socket, your phone, PC or laptop. You will never have to replace the battery.

Is the Power Ball loud?

No. The electronics are very quiet. Also, the Power Ball is covered with a soft silicone skin, so it rolls quietly.

Can my cat break the Power Ball?

No. As long as it doesn't involve a tiger or lion, it can't happen. The Power Ball is very sturdy built and has no visible screws. The tab that closes the USB port is fully embedded in the ball, so your cat can't bite it off.

Does the Power Ball need to be set up first?

No. When you receive the Power Ball, first fully charge it. Use the USB cable that comes with the ball. Then just press and hold the button for a few seconds to activate the Power Ball. That's it.