We couldn't find a toy that wouldn't bore cats eventually.

So we built one.

One to replace them all

Cat toys all have the same problem. They are not interactive, only move with the owner's help and are predictable for your cat. As a result, your cat will soon lose interest. The Power Ball 2.0 solves all these problems. And much more.

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You won't find dozens of products in our shop. We only bring a product onto the market when it is fully developed and we can stand behind it 100%. Wloom has launched two outstanding products so. We are constantly working to find solutions for cat owners that are well thought out and aesthetic.


    The Nano Brush from WLOOM reliably removes cat hair wherever it doesn't belong - whether on carpets, upholstery or cat trees. Thanks to thousands of nano hooks, no hair is left lying around.

  • POWER BALL 2.0

    The POWER BALL awakens your cat's hunting instinct. It detects obstacles and tricks your cat by changing direction when your cat touches the ball. In smart mode, your cat can activate the ball itself by tapping it. That means your cat can play with it even when you're not at home.