This Small Company Challenged the Beauty Industry With a Product That Took Instagram by Storm & Sold out 14 Times in a RowNew Australian-sourced Vitamin C Clay Mask will give your face the head-turning glow in 10 minutes, fade the look of acne, dark spots and hyperpigmentation and leave your skin supple and hydrated as if you've just walked out of a luxury spa.SHAREFacebook share iconTwitter share iconLinkedIn share iconEmail share iconWritten byGleaminWEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2021NEWSImage placeholderCompany logoCompany logoCompany logoCompany logoAs Seen InBeauty industry giants were missing something...Jordan Smyth, an entrepreneur born in New Zealand, struggled with skin issues since childhood. His confidence and feeling of self-worth went on a downward spiral due to red blemishes that appeared all over his nose & cheeks. It wasn't long before his entire face was inflamed... and the whole school took notice.After 3 years of embarrassment, he set out to find a solution to his skin problems. This decision led him to discover something way bigger than he ever hoped for - a beauty breakthrough not just for him but for over 100,000 people worldwide.Image placeholderDuring his journey to achieving the perfect skin, Jordan met other people with different skin issues. He noticed they all tried multiple products with very mixed and usually non-lasting results. This cost them frustration and a lot of money.It seemed that the big beauty brands were pushing to customers more and more products, many of which contained synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients.This is when he, along with a team of scientists and dermatologists, created a superfood-powered Vitamin C Clay Mask that would soon revolutionize the skincare game and challenge the industry giant's status quo.Gleamin combines the benefits of cold-pressed organic extracts with Bioavailable Vitamin C Trio into one skin-glowing powerhouse. This potent blend of natural ingredients includes Kakadu Plum and Desert Lime and is sourced from Australia. In just 10 minutes it brings out your face's natural glow, fights dark spots, hyperpigmentation and acne.Which of These 10 Ingredients Are You Most Interested in?Yellow ClayTurmeric RootTurmeric PowderAloe VeraDesert LimeKakadu PlumFinger Lime CaviarKale ExtractGrape Seed OilCastor OilNature's 10 SecretsTo Glowing SkinYellow ClayYellow Clay is rich in natural minerals that draw out impurities, remove dead skin cells and decongest clogged pores. It also stimulates blood flow to strengthen skin and prevent breakouts and is gentle enough for all skin types. It's the perfect base for the highest quality skin products.Turmeric Root, Turmeric Powder & Aloe Vera“Golden Child” of superfoods - turmeric is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that can revive your skin and bring out its natural glow. Coupled with aloe vera that's rich in humectants binding moisture to the skin, this combination will leave your skin gleaming, supple and hydrated.Image placeholderDesert Lime, Kakadu Plum & Finger Lime CaviarYou probably know limes as the basic kitchen staple, but not all limes are created equal. Desert lime, used in Gleamin, is native to Australia and has a much more intense flavor than a grocery-store lime. It's a prime source of vitamin C, E and B9, which rejuvenate skin tone, tissue, and firmness. Combined with another Australian fruit - Kakadu Plum, the world's richest source of Vitamin C, these two work hard to help tackle your skin troubles, including acne and irritation. Plus, Finger Lime Caviar will stimulate collagen production to give you not only glowing but stronger, firmer skin.Kale Extract & Grape Seed OilKale is a leafy green vegetable that contains antioxidant and detoxifying flavonoids, proven to stimulate and regenerate the skin. Combined with grape seed oil rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, this powerful ingredients combo will help you get the clearest, even-toned complexion.Castor OilWith its strong antibacterial properties, castor oil is an age-old remedy and a natural moisturizer that helps soothe inflammation. It's also full of healthy fatty acids that play a big role in making Vitamin C Clay Mask nature's elixir for supple, glowing skin.For a limited time, you can‍SAVE UP TO $50 when you purchase a bundle of Gleamin™Check AvailabilityAmy Widders, Licensed Esthetician"I typically shy away from clay masks because they dry out my skin and are hard to remove. This mask is suitable for all skin types and has a Vitamin C trio. It softened my skin while leaving it feeling refreshed and bright! I will definitely be incorporating it into my skincare routine!"Customers love Gleamin so much... it sold out 14x in a row!When Jordan & his team first launched the Vitamin C Clay Mask, they couldn't expect that 100,000+ customers from more than 60 countries would scoop up over 175,000 masks so quickly.Because of this constantly increasing demand and many people inquiring for multiple masks at a time, the team at Gleamin now decided to offer:Limited Time Bundles... that can save customers up to $50!This promotion will surely be appreciated by long-time Gleamin fans but will likely make the current (15th!) batch sell out even quicker than the previous ones - especially as the customers' word of mouth got influencers, bloggers and journalists falling in love with Gleamin too:Limited Time Bundles... that can save customers up to $50!